Married At First Sight finale recap

Channel 9, 27 April 2016.

Jono and Clare: called it quits. Jono felt he was like one of Clare’s rescue dogs. Clare gets a dog that wears nappies and says she hopes to change a baby’s nappies someday too.

Simone (make-up artist) and Xavier (would rather watch TV sports)

After initially having the hots for each other on their wedding day and honeymoon, when they moved in together, it all went to dullsville.

Simone realises romance is important, but Xavier decides a soccer game — Wanderers v Mariners — is a great date. She enjoys it, but not her idea of a date.

Xavier’s last night plan is boring pizza and wine and she’s unimpressed.

Xavier doesn’t even make her brekkie on her last morning! “I’ve got a sales meeting,” he says, looking at the clock and racing off, blaming himself for the lack of intimacy, due to him being a cold fish.

48-HR BREAK: Simone says she needs a hug every day when she walks in the door, is that too much to ask?

Xavier says he needs Simone back so she can give him fashion advice on whether to wear a gold watch with a gold ring.

HELL YEAH! OR BUST? Simone: not enough affection, never felt special, never a priority. BUST!

Xavier: He seems shocked and reaches for her hand in a move of desperation as though he’ll never find anyone again, and she recoils. He doesn’t seem to find it easy to be affectionate with anyone, and he says he’ll try to change and be more loving in the future. Tweets say he’s in love with his hair.

Erin (anxious chick who can’t cook/use a washing machine/had never moved out of home) and Bryce (quiet guy)

They hit it off at the wedding and had been going strong since.

On the final night, Erin wants to thrill Bryce with her domestic goddess culinary skills via a carbonara dish and vanilla cake. But she forgot to buy milk and there’s no way they can buy any, even though they seem to be in the city. So they go to a restaurant. The “children” topic has upset them, as Erin wants to wait a while and travel beforehand; Bryce wants kids now, it could be a deal-breaker.

The show’s psychologists says Erin’s anxiety might surface during the separate reflective period and it’ll all be over.


Erin develops a savage-looking red rash during the final interview. The experts notice and say she’s clearly totally stressed out. She says Bryce is Mr Perfect and calms her down.

Bryce says he’s weighed up the pros and cons – they’re at different phases.

Erin says Bryce has made her a better person, so YES!

Bryce: I want kids, but will wait til u’re ready, u fill a gap in my life. YES!

2 MONTHS LATER They’re still in 7th heaven. Heading on the “love train” to the love station.

Christie (cleaning business/city) and Mark (farmer)

They didn’t hit it off over the honeymoon, but Mark worked hard to win her over.

Final day: He rolls back a hay bale and he’s got a great picnic prepared out of nowhere! He’s always really liked her and is in tears, saying he hopes she learns to love the country. He doesn’t want to leave the farm.

Christie says he’s a nice, decent guy but the 7-hr commute is a killer. Considering when she first met him, she didn’t fancy him and would’ve swiped left on Tinder, am wondering what she really thinks.


Christie says the distance and different lifestyle and being away from her family and friends will drive her nuts. No slumber parties with her future kids and the nephews/nieces. But YES!

Mark feels giving up the country would be giving up more than Christie would be giving up. He feels he won’t feel happy outside the relationship if he lived in the city. But then he seems to switcheroo and says yes!

2 MONTHS LATER Still together.


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