Vanderpump Rules all episodes recap

A group of 20-something tommodels, who look great in bikinis and speedos, work at Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR (acronym for Sexy Unique Restaurant) while doing acting/music auditions on the side.

The storylines are: 20-yr olds drink and sleep with the wrong people. They break up, make-up. Repeat for several seasons.

Vanderpump appears as a motherly figure giving advice, and seems like a very generous boss, considering how the antics usually impact on their work.

I love it. Pretty typical coming-of-age shenanigans, brings back memories.

What’s best is they all seem to care about each other, despite the many almost unforgivable transgressions.

There’s a great Reunion show (Season One, Uncensored) where the production team explain how it was traumatic for them to be filming all the ups and downs and it was more explosive than they’d anticipated.



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