Married at First Sight Australia season 2 episodes 1 to 3

Tears seeing Zmarr1oe and her ultrasound baby, a successful couple from two years ago. “Two minutes of hard work.”

“Love is a powerful force and it causes chemikal reakshuns and emotshuns and stuff,” narrator Georgie Gardner says in an important tone, likes she’s reading the news.

Shots of desperate singles saying I’ve got to meet someone NOW, or else!

1000 singles wanted to sign up, but only a few were chosen. These lovers have been on zillions of dates every year with no luck, so now they’re turning to SCIENCE which says they’ve got to meet someone who smells nice, is attractive and who you can communikate with.

Scientists’ heads come on all serius in close-up, saying it’s so important they get it right, since the singles have screwed it up repeatedly and they have NO HOPE without scientific logic.

The Singles HAVE to do a fake wedding cos they’re so hopeless at opening up and these theatrics are the ONLY WAY they can knuckle down and take finding love SERIOUSLY!!!

Some of them have had traumas and find it hard to let people in, so maybe these dressups and having family around will help them get their sh*t together.

Mr Tatts comes on and we all love him, he says he looks tough but he’d help little old ladies across roads and chickens and eggs, and he comes from a lovely family who fostered kids and he’s seen horrible trauma in the navy. He was part of the Refugee Boarding party and it was confronting to see the bodies of women and children. 😦 “It changes you, I got affected by it.” He’s left the navy and is back living at home with Mum and Dad while he gets back on his feet.

His perfect match is Nicole, the primary teacher, who’s v sweet and could be married forever to anyone cos she loves the whole planet.

Love the firefighter who wears his Marvel cartoon undies to the wedding; not sure he’ll survive with the ambitious perfectionist.

Was great to see Nicole’s Dad, with the leg, come round to like Tatts.

The gay couple, CrAndy — well, Andy is trying to deal with trust issues cos of his own
horrible exes. He has a tanty re: Craig’s ex is here! Everything I’d done and said is dead to me! It’s a dealbreaker!! I’m out!!! He downs a Jack Daniels and has a chat with his friends and recovers. They both seem lovely. Craig is calmer, he’s a hairdresser, he has to be.

The Singles say “Sh*t” a lot.

Did a lot of f-fwding cos everyone’s on their best behaviour now. They’ll be tired and emotional on the honeymoon.

The next revealing bit will be when they move in: how much space does the other person leave? And week 2 of living together is when we’ll see if they want to be together and are trying.

BEST QUOTE: Tatts: “I promise that you will always count. That you will always come first. If you don’t for whatever reason, I will buy you some shoes.”

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