Married at First Sight Australia season 2 episode 4

BEST QUOTES: (both by Craig, Kylie’s hairdresser) “Fang it, fang it!”

222.jpgAND: “We were on top of the mountain, living the dream and he doesn’t even want to touch me!”

Gay Andy is taking his time showing affection to Craig, which is driving Craig crazy. He leaves. 😦

Felt sorry for Jess cos her bloke isn’t into her. Don’t reckon it’s her fault, as it seems he’s got something else on his mind, cos he’s making a big effort to show he’s not interested. It’s DEFFO not her fault, since she’s into Backstreet Boyz, knowing all their lyrics, she’s the perfect fun singalong girly girl.

Tatts gives it his all: throws away his nose ring; attempts an underseas kiss, learns how to drink wine, cooks fish over a campfire and does some amazing hula dancing. Winning!!

In a major subplot, a bloke tells a blonde radio girl that he has a six-yr-old kid who’s overseas. He flies overseas for five days out of every couple of months and that’s non-negotiable. Lots of problems potential. Radio girl says all the right things, she still likes him etc. She looks really thrown, as you would, as you’re s’posed to know that type of thing *before* getting married!!

Am a bit disappointed some of the couples are so quick to “get it on”, probably due to booze. I s’pose they’re encouraged to drink, to raise the stakes. But I’d rather they get to know each other. It seems a bit fake otherwise, or “for the TV”. Ideally, I’d like to see people having a choice of dating several others on dating shows. True matches are what I want!

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