Fair Play

Did volunteer work for ACON’s Fair Play initiative. This is a new and permanent idea to record the work of police when doing drug searches at major GLBTIQ parties. Things had got out of hand last year after the major Mardi Gras parade when Jamie Jackson was assaulted and awarded $40,000 in compensation from NSW Police. Noone wants to feel unsafe from the Police, it’s bad enough with the gay-bashers who drive in from the outer suburbs to attack people after the Parade.

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Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret

On Valentine’s Day I went to see a Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret, My Other Closet, starring Ross Vickery and produced/directed by his partner Matthew Robert Parsons.

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Lifeline’s 50th anniversary

The phone used to take the first Lifeline call in 1963.
The phone used to take the first Lifeline call in 1963.

Went to 50th anniversary of Lifeline, for ex-Lifeline vollies. I was involved for a year in the early 2000s. It was harrowing, once took 4 suicidal calls in one shift.
John Brogden is Lifeline chairman and credited the organisation with saving his life. He was Opposition Leader, with a chance of being Premier, and had had a quick rise to the top. But suddenly everything seemed grim and suicide seemed like the best choice.
Another bloke, Ivan Reicheit, 96, was with the original Lifeline team and recalled how he went out with the Trouble Team (when Lifeline rushed out to stop people jumping off the Harbour bridge). “We got to a man’s house and he was flat on the floor and we couldn’t get in. Luckily, a kitchen window was slightly ajar and I prised it open and climbed over the sink. He was a mature man who owned several menswear shops and he’d lived with his mother, who’d recently died. He said, “You men have everything.” But Ivan said they felt they were nobodies, next to this successful businessman. They waited with him until an ambulance arrived.

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Mardi Gras Museum – Mazz Image

Had the most brilliant evening at Mardi Gras Museum, seeing amazing Mazz Image. She talked about how her photographic technique is difficult to teach to others, as it’s mostly an inherent talent. She loves Sydney and will come back here permanently some day. She started off photographing whoever she found interesting.

AND the incredible Lance Leopard was there! We chatted about his writing and he’s planning to do something online. Oh, and the old columns he wrote, some I put online. He said his writing has changed after his near-death experience and he has to keep a close watch on his health etc. He’s very thin, but in good spirits.