Mardi Gras 2016

Was a fantastic LGBTIQ Mardi Gras – marched with the Social Justice in Early Childhood float, which had major issues to promote, such as promoting diversity and equity in preschools, and general support for the Safe Schools initiative, which helps older schoolkids who have gender differences, and intersex and sexual diversity.

Then did the 11pm – 1.30am shift with Fair Play, an initiative that makes sure Mardi Gras party patrons are treated fairly when sniffer dogs and police check for drugs.

After that, it was off the the Party, with Deborah Cox’s show at 3am a major highlight, and her two songs totally raised the roof: gay anthem Absolutely Not and Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here. Conchita’s 1.30am show was brilliant too, with many of Sydney’s drag queens doing a spectacular dance number.

I was wearing a Parade Participant wristband and several tourists came up and said it was the best party they’d ever been to, and they’d traveled worldwide. Seems a lot of other major gay dance parties are held hours after a day parade, whereas ours goes from the high of the evening parade directly into the party, so everyone’s totally pumped up. (Am in the pic below, behind the word “Justice”.)



Speaking our truth, telling our stories

Went to this Marrickville Council forum, a “friendly all-inclusive panel discussion on LGBTIQ initiatives and emerging issues”, MCed by social justice advocate and former broadcaster Julie McCrossin.

Everyone was invited to make recommendations for Marrickville Council’s assistance.

Some highlights:

Cristyn Davies, co-chair of Twenty 10:

There should be changes in Early Childhood settings so children can express their gender in different ways eg. wearing different clothes. There should be gender-neutral bathrooms.

Marrickville Council should offer internships, so young people who have difficulties finding a job (because of their appearance), can get work experience. They should be asked which gender pronouns they would like to be used in the workplace.

 Sujay Kentlyn, of Outrageous Ageing:

“A lot of couples are terrified of going into residential age care, afraid of being treated badly and not respected. But things have changed, thanks to people like David Urquhart and Lex Watson.”

Some retirement villages have a “Rainbow Accreditation”, look for the Rainbow tick on their website.

– McCrossin said in her last days “I want the values of the Sacred Heart Hospice”.

 Teresa Avila: founder and director of Red Rattler venue in 2008 (not-for-profit incorporated arts association, often hosts alternative queer events).

Had a long list of recommendations, including that council publish a “Creative Spaces for Dummies” guide for local artists. Avila said it had cost about $200,000 to navigate council’s requirements to get the Rat up and running, which is a huge barrier for future artists thinking about opening a space.




Maggie’s Pet Rescue Trivia Night

Maggie’s Pet Rescue Trivia night totally went off at Marrickville Bowlo. Was sold out and raised $11,000. Protia Turbo was the host (who has adopted several rescue pets)and did a terrific job.

At my table, had a chat about the Radikal Faeries and sand-pit therapy (2 types). G named most of the books in the Old Testament (except about 5), amazing. Cos, ask her about Kate Winslet coffee, everyone was gobsmacked. H won a big TV, so it’s Eurovision at His. A couple of people at our table won Silent Auction items. There was fantastic dog and cat paintings (with the paint still wet).

Lots of fun and a great night. Oh, and G said he’d scored 2 tickets to Kate Bush! Me, am going to wait til it comes out on DVD.


Fair Play

Did volunteer work for ACON’s Fair Play initiative. This is a new and permanent idea to record the work of police when doing drug searches at major GLBTIQ parties. Things had got out of hand last year after the major Mardi Gras parade when Jamie Jackson was assaulted and awarded $40,000 in compensation from NSW Police. Noone wants to feel unsafe from the Police, it’s bad enough with the gay-bashers who drive in from the outer suburbs to attack people after the Parade.

Continue reading Fair Play

Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret

On Valentine’s Day I went to see a Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret, My Other Closet, starring Ross Vickery and produced/directed by his partner Matthew Robert Parsons.

They’re both lovely people I’ve met on the GLBTIQ party scene, always dressed in amazing costumes. Continue reading Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret