Written work

Please contact me if you’d like any excerpts of recent work or social media videos produced for NSW Government intranets.

My YouTube channel.

Bupa Aged Care Home newsletter (NB: this newsletter goes through a 6-stage approval process and does not return to me, so many errors are introduced.)


World-wide anti-obesity strategies focus on the bottom line

10 life lessons from The Voice Australia 2015

The reality of dating: how to find your next partner

Cute and cuddly: our favourite pets on social media

Millennials in the workforce

What’s on around Australia in October 

5 weird cars you can’t help but love

Word of mouth still triumphs as most trusted way to advertise

6 tips on how to hire the best removalists

Rental properties: water efficiency and passing on usage charges

Coping with the death of a loved one

5 maintenance tips for landlords

Window safety: locks save toddlers

One of my favourite stories I’ve ever written: The night The Life of Brian was dropped from the TV schedule

Plenty of in-depth feature stories at my Internet blog: .net feature stories


Make your own outfits (Sydney Morning Herald)

Inside the world of hardcore Australian ABBA fans (Sydney Morning Herald)

NSW Fire Commissioner Greg Mullins speaks about fire safety (Sun-Herald)

Jim Waley – interview with the newsreader/broadcaster (Sydney Morning Herald)

Power to the people: online voting – will it ever happen on a huge scale? (Sydney Morning Herald)

Keep your fingers to yourself: my stint as a temping secretary at the Perth Police Headquarters in the  CIB (Criminal Investigations Bureau). (Sydney Morning Herald)

The chill factor: how to imagine you’re a tree and let your cares slip away. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Living in the 70s: the halcyon days when people wore platform soles and hot pants – without irony. (Sydney Morning Herald)

International masters of online study: “Face-to-face classes usually suffer from a few dominant personalities, time pressure and being too full. Online class interaction is much more active and engaged.” (Sydney Morning Herald)

Drastic shortfall of building apprentices: “We need 40,000 more.” By next year. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Church of Scientology personality test. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Let’s talk about ASX: finance. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Gimme some loving: dating. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Hostess with the mostest: how to host a party. (Sydney Morning Herald)

In your wildest dreams: dream analysis.
(Sydney Morning Herald)

Running scared: Weird Ghost and History Tour of Sydney. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Back in Rogue: nightclub review. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Kinsey movie review: the famous sex researcher. (Sydney Morning Herald.)


Books reviews: Creating Magic (Managing Disneyland); Dating Makes You Want To Die; Croc (Australian crocodile true stories).

How to get out of a burning house alive: “Sheree grabbed the kids and the phone and ran out of the house.”


Article in Rolling Stone: An encounter with ABBA in Sweden (February, 1996). And here’s a link to several of my articles about ABBA in Australia.

QUEER ANARCHISTS – Resisting assimilation freakery while smashing the State.

“You’ve desecrated my Jesus Statue!” Queer Anarchist artist versus Traditional Catholics in the Battle of Beliefs.

A visit to church.

Video interview with former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

Two interviews with former Prime Minister John Howard.

Door-knocking with former NSW Premier Nick Greiner.

Had lunch with renowned corporate fugitive Christopher Skase (The Maryborough Chronicle).

I attended a barbecue at Joh and Flo’s peanut farm  in Kingaroy, Queensland, and ate some of Flo’s famous pumpkin scones. I later interviewed Flo, who, like her Premier of Queensland husband, had very conservative and traditional views. (Maryborough Chronicle)


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