Please contact me if you’d like any excerpts of recent work or social media videos produced for NSW Government departments.

My YouTube channel.

Bupa Aged care home newsletters

(NB: these newsletters go through a 6-stage approval process and does not return to me, so some errors are introduced.)

Bupa Aged Care Home newsletter 1

Bupa Aged Care Home newsletter 2

Bupa Aged Care Home newsletter 3

Bupa Aged Care Home newsletter 4

Allianz Insurance

World-wide anti-obesity strategies focus on the bottom line

10 life lessons from The Voice Australia

The reality of dating: how to find your next partner

Cute and cuddly: our favourite pets on social media

Millennials as customers

What’s on around Australia — October 

5 weird cars you can’t help but love

Word of mouth still triumphs as most trusted way to advertise

6 tips on how to hire the best removalists

Rental properties: water efficiency and passing on usage charges

Coping with the death of a loved one

5 maintenance tips for landlords

Window safety: locks save toddlers

Sydney Morning Herald stories

Make your own outfits (Sydney Morning Herald)

Inside the world of hardcore Australian ABBA fans (Sydney Morning Herald)

Jim Waley – interview with the newsreader/broadcaster (Sydney Morning Herald)

Power to the people: online voting – will it ever happen on a huge scale? (Sydney Morning Herald)

Keep your fingers to yourself: my stint as a temping secretary at the Perth Police Headquarters in the  CIB (Criminal Investigations Bureau). (Sydney Morning Herald)

The chill factor: how to imagine you’re a tree and let your cares slip away. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Living in the 70s: the halcyon days when people wore platform soles and hot pants – without irony. (Sydney Morning Herald)

International masters of online study: “Face-to-face classes usually suffer from a few dominant personalities, time pressure and being too full. Online class interaction is much more active and engaged.” (Sydney Morning Herald)

Drastic shortfall of building apprentices: “We need 40,000 more.” By next year. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Church of Scientology personality test. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Let’s talk about ASX: finance. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Gimme some loving: dating. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Hostess with the mostest: how to host a party. (Sydney Morning Herald)

In your wildest dreams: dream analysis.
(Sydney Morning Herald)

Running scared: Weird Ghost and History Tour of Sydney. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Back in Rogue: nightclub review. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Kinsey movie review: the famous sex researcher. (Sydney Morning Herald.)

Sun-Herald stories

Books reviews: Creating Magic (Managing Disneyland); Dating Makes You Want To Die; Croc (Australian crocodile true stories).

How to get out of a burning house alive: “Sheree grabbed the kids and the phone and ran out of the house.”

NSW Fire Commissioner Greg Mullins speaks about fire safety (Sun-Herald)

Best archival stories

Video interview with former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

Two interviews with former Prime Minister John Howard.

Door-knocking with former NSW Premier Nick Greiner.

Had lunch with renowned corporate fugitive Christopher Skase (The Maryborough Chronicle).

I attended a barbecue at Joh and Flo’s peanut farm  in Kingaroy, Queensland, and ate some of Flo’s famous pumpkin scones. I later interviewed Flo, who, like her Premier of Queensland husband, had very conservative and traditional views. (Maryborough Chronicle)

My favourite stories

One of my favourite stories I’ve ever written: The night The Life of Brian was dropped from the TV schedule

Plenty of in-depth feature stories at my Internet blog: .net feature stories

Article in Rolling Stone: An encounter with ABBA in Sweden (February, 1996). And here’s a link to several of my articles about ABBA in Australia.

Queer Anarchists – Resisting assimilation freakery while smashing the State.

“You’ve desecrated my Jesus Statue!” Queer Anarchist artist versus Traditional Catholics in the Battle of Beliefs.

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