ABBA Voyage week itinerary

Friday 19 May, Saturday 20 May, Sunday 20 May: arrive after 35-hr journey. Rest up. Play it by ear re: plans. Staying at Peckham, then Travelodge Stratford (High St, Stratford), 11 minutes’ walk from ABBA Arena.

Monday 23: 8.15am-3pm Harry Potter tour.
4pm: Visit ABBA fan friends who start arriving.
Dinner/drinks: available.

Tuesday 24: Rest day. Or do sights of London, hop on hop off bus tour with Roxanne etc.

Wednesday 25: 3.30pm: ABBA Arena for Aussie fans group photo.
7pm: British Library for Carl Magnus Palm talk.

Thursday 26: getting ready.
5pm: ABBA Arena.

Friday 27: 11am: photos at Waterloo Station – Rox’s event.
12pm: lunch/snacks/drinks at Oxo Tower overlooking the Thames River.
Arvo: pix on Thames on riverboat, ABBA-style?
2pm-5pm ABBATalk gathering: Print House, 133 High St.
5.30pm: Standing outside for ABBA Arena for Opening Night.
Back at Hotel: Launch of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus!

Saturday 28: 9am: Brighton Beach for fans pic at Eurovision Dome. Guided ABBA tour and lunch.
7pm: ABBA Arena for Voyage.

Sunday 29: 12pm ABBA Fans picnic at Victoria Embankment Gardens.
6.30pm-10.30pm: Mamma Mia The Party – Unit 6.05, The, 02 Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Monday 30: free. Chilling out.

Tuesday 31: Leave in morning for Heathrow and back to Oz!

(I’ll be checking my email, so you can contact me via this website Contact page. Or FB Messenger etc.)


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