iQ debate: can the media be trusted?

Was sold out.  Line-up arguing the media cannot be trusted was Jonathan Holmes (Media Watch), Prof Catharine Lumby (academic, teaches the NRL how to behave towards women), and Stephen Mayne (crikey and shareholder activist).

The media can be trusted: John B Fairfax (FFX Media board), Mark Scott (ABC MD) and Julian Burnside QC (human rights barrister).

Team B won with a huge swing from 18 per cent of the pre-polled audience to about 45 per cent after the debate.

Burnside: “Being attacked by Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson is like being mauled by dead sheep – it doesn’t hurt, but you need a shower afterwards.”

Holmes: “You can find a website that’ll tell you the truth you want.”

Fairfax: “I made a mistake once. [anecdote about mixing up blokes names and getting sued. Was suspended for two weeks from newsroom.] Later on: “Oh, I made a second mistake. I was doing the shipping column and I sent a ship out a day before it was supposed to go.”

Lumby: (sending herself up] “I’m a promiscuous post-modernist so I agree with them [the other team] now.”

Mayne: described how he is enduring several 10-yr bans from various media outlets because of “petty vendettas”. Burnside thought Mayne’s worst crime though was trying to bombard us with too many facts and statistics without painting a bigger picture.

[I went to the last iQ debate on public vs private education. Brilliant. Much more audience debate, it was fiery.]

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