Boxing Day

I went round to Double Bay for a picnic on the beach with friends but I think everyone moved cos of the rain and I didn’t have any mobile numbers. D’oh!

So went shopping.

Been watching DVDs — Mr Terrific (1967), a TV series starring Stephen Strimpell which I enjoyed during my childhood. It’s hilarious, though mainly for nostalgic reasons. Am loving it.

And Sherlock Holmes, the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce series. I like the comedy angle and the patriotic storylines against Nazism. Both served in WWI. Rathbone shot one of the enemy dead and did Intelligence work and was awarded a Military Cross. He volunteered to serve in WWII but was rejected cause he was 47. Nigel Bruce had 11 bullets in his leg; he’s a comedy supernova. And I like how they were buddies in real life, it shows.

I volunteered to work on Christmas Day, as I’d had an early Christmas with my family two weeks ago. The Fairfax chairman visited — Roger Corbett — and gave us a thank you speech. He brought his son in too, who was the “designated driver”. We appreciated him coming away from his family Christmas Day to show appreciation. He seemed very proud of the paper and our work. We gave him a round of applause.

And Fairfax put on two free and sumptuous free silver service meals — roast pork and baked apple, turkeyand cranberry sauce, seafood salad, vegetarian quiches, sherry trifle and brandy mince pies with cream.  Yum!

A colleague said the worst Xmas at work was about four years ago when all they had was a large turkey and the microwave oven in the kitchen. So this year’s was the best in ages.

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