Poetry inspired by a visit to Oxford

Poems inspired by my visit to England.

It’s a city of “dreaming spires”*
With colleges and herds of deer
Clever clogs like Oscar Wilde
composed his epigrams here.

Evelyn Waugh dunced out
His partying got out of hand, a bit.
Later writing Brideshead Revisited
Sort of made up for it.

For those who don’t feel athletic
and find rowing to be fraught,
you can still become a champion —
Tiddywinks counts as a sport.

If you get sent down
for failing to swot,
Get a job showing tourists
where Harry Potter films were shot.

*”city of dreaming spires”, a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold  in Thyrsis (1866).


Yummy bunny in my tummy
Ooh I’m feeling rather funny
Hmmm… I think I’d better runny,
Quickly to the nearest dunny.



I like to eat Vegemite on Sao,
But here nothing beats prawn and mayo.

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