David Varela — digital storytelling

Varela’s visit to Australia was sponsored by the Screen Writers’ Association and the Australian Society of Authors nabbed him for a talk about transmedia.

He studied poetry at Oxford University, but there aren’t many full-time jobs in that area, so he ended up in  interactive/digital storytelling.

A big project, Perplex City, involved working with three other writers. One was in NY. They used a lot of Skype text chat and google docs to work on projects in real time. A private Wikipedia kept track of the complex storyline. Actors blended in with crowds when the story spilled into the real world. It was sponsored by a venture capitalist that went on to make squillions out of its next project.

Examples of a great self-marketer: J.C Hutchins. Couldn’t get his book published, so he started with podcasts.

Also, Varela showed us how to get crowd-sourced funding, such as by Pozible in Australia.

Get on LinkedIn and into the chat rooms.

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