Brady v Brady (1969) Paramount ABC

Watched the Kitty Karry-All episode where Cindy’s favourite doll and Bobby’s kazoo go missing. Each accuses the other of theft. Dad Brady teaches them that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and you can’t jump to conclusions using circumstantial evidence.

Some quotes that outline the main facts:

“She was right here on the couch. Then she was gone. And he was gone too!”

“She doesn’t even have her bottle — she’ll STARVE to death!”

“She can’t accuse him and get away with it.”

“I didn’t take that doll, no matter what she says!”

“Cindy … did you take Bobby’s kazoo?”

“Tiger, you’ve been accused of doll snatching. How do you plead?”

“Mike, aren’t you convicting Tiger without a fair trial?”

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