Social Justice for Life conference

Went to the Social Justice for Life Conference at University of Sydney for law students.

Lots of speakers and it was very interesting.

Redfern Legal Centre did a great presentation and we did a role play where I had to be an angry former drug addict with a violent drug-addicted partner. My child had been staying at her grandmother’s and then was taken away by FACS. And my response to every problem had to be expressed via cursing and/or storming out.

Some of the speakers mentioned the best programs to volunteer for were available for “youth” (under 26yrs) which I’m way too old to do. Lynx (Aboriginal children, do school holiday activities with them; and Oak — help the starving millions).

It seems weird to have age limits in a uni when “lifelong learning” is supposed to be the government’s policy — especially since I *had* to retrain, after journalism went down the drain. I think there should be a govt-funded retraining scheme for journalists who need another job.

Most of the attendees were women — just a few guys. It seems to indicate that these jobs don’t pay enough to raise a family. I’m guessing the salaries are sufficient for “second income” earners in a dual-income household. A bit sad, since these jobs are so important and demanding.

After saving the world, we all got a certificate to confirm our new superpowers. Hurray! I enjoyed it, and learnt a lot.

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