Stolen Generation plaque at Central Station

I helped write and edit this Stolen Generation plaque, prominently displayed at Central Station. Was a privilege to be asked to be involved and was grateful for the opportunity. (In particular, the second par: “Some of these children never made it home, living their lives disconnected from their families and not knowing their true heritage.”)
Was at the official unveiling six months ago, when many of the Stolen Generation were present, truth-telling stories of being dragged away from their siblings on Platform 1, crying and screaming.

This plaque aims to help in a small way towards healing. There are several artworks included — all the artists were asked to draw the pictures as if they were a child, at the moment of trauma, so they could fully capture the emotions of how they felt at a vulnerable young age, when their world was being torn apart. The full meanings of these works will later be included, I think, in an audioguide or similar.

About 30 minutes after the unveiling, a commuter walked up and was intently reading, then thoughtfully looked down Platform 1. This is part of why the plaque was erected, so commuters and international visitors could contemplate the history of what happened on the actual spot and reflect on the impact.


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