Eurovision – Australia votes 2020

Five friends doing their Eurovision vote.
Thoughtfully considering our votes, which didn’t count anyway since someone in a blue clown wig won (am not even joking).

Went round to David’s where he served exotic chocolate, 3 types of cheese and crackers, and a dip he’d found a recipe for in the back of a Fitness First magazine — beetroot, beans and garlic so we can all die healthy.

Luke’s little dog Crackpot stole the show, wanting cuddles. (Luke was away, returning to Mallacoota to retrieve his van after their earlier bushfire evacuation aboard HMAS Choules.)

I liked Diana, Casey and Vanessa. Word from our man on the ground at the Gold Coast, Angus, was that the crowd faves were Vanessa and Casey.

The live vote was so strange —  we had no idea how it worked and why the result ended up as it did. Even the hosts looked confused. Random numbers were thrown around – 60 points for one artist, 24 for another. No explanation, we felt a bit panicky as as our faves plummeted to the bottom for no discernible reason. Seemed to be a jury vote and public vote.

We were disappointed with the result, but maybe our tastes are a bit fuddy-duddy. Our fave Eurovision winner is ABBA with Waterloo, and David likes Bucks Fizz’s Making Your Mind Up.



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