Lance Leopard III

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Lance Leopard I


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I used to look forward to reading Lance’s columns every week, it was such a highlight. They were in On The Street and Q.  I had been a journalist since the early 1980s and was totally blown away by Lance Leopard’s stream-of-consciousness columns and his chatty style and I cut them out as they were very inspiring. Over time, Lance’s writings gave me a vision of how I could write about the everyday social events I attended.

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Backstage tour at Sydney Opera House

Went to this — which usually costs $150 — but was free because the Sydney Opera House was having an Open Day. Thousands turned up. I stood on the stage and saw the orchestra pits, the rehearsal room and backstage areas, green rooms, costume-making.

My favourite bit was reading the staff noticeboards and the many clippings from The Sydney Morning Herald (reviews and also smaller stories from the My Career section or other little features about lesser-known chorus or orchestra members). It was great to see these are so important and often took up one-third of the noticeboards! They’d also pinned up postcards or email printouts from audience members praising their performance — this pleased me as I do this after feeling inspired by a great show, so I wonder if my emails are printed and stuck up somewhere? Nice to see they’re appreciated.

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