Queer anarchists – Day 5

Converged about 50 metres in front of the stage to prepare to do an Action. A couple of QRers took their tops off and painted the Anarchy symbol on their breasts and slogans such as “My sexuality cannot be sponsored”. Painted a red and black banner with the words: “Community, not commodity”.
+E gave us an outline of how to do the Action – at 3pm, we walked single file up to the stage and danced to the performer’s music while waiting for a break between songs. Had leaflets to distribute that explained how it “costs $5000 to give out flyers at Fair Day” and “No War protesters were not allowed to hand out flyers last year”. E had the wheelie bin stereo sound system and PA, and was ready to give a speech.

Unexpectedly, the Fair Day organisers experienced a huge technical hitch and the singer’s music cut out. E thought we shouldn’t race up then cos we’d be blamed for pulling the plug, but the rest of us wanted to go and charged ahead. Gave out 500 leaflets to a receptive audience. L and German N proudly held the banner up at the front of the stage while two Security blokes on either side of the stage took ages to figure out this wasn’t an official part of the program. The banner was pulled off the QRupters, but was soon given back.

A cameraman started taking footage of QR hula hoopers and we asked him to stop: “We don’t want to be used for commercial TV interests.” “But our producer is gay!” he argued. Then one of the QRer’s said: “I want to be on TV!” So she was filmed and we asked for the rest of the vid to be erased.
Fair Day rained out about 5pm and the place emptied.

FILM NITE: (didn’t attend – had chronic illness.)


Queer anarchists – convention days 6&7

Day 6
+ Several workshops.
+Sex Party. Was held at the Gallery and hugely successful. Cuddle puddle.


MEETING: 2pm, Nunnery:
Mother-of-All Dance Parties had previously been scheduled for tonite, but everyone was too trashed after the Sex Party last nite.
Rang Nt (“I’m trashed”) and P (“I’m feeling a bit fragile”), so I guessed it wouldn’t be on (yes, I know it’s a collective, but there are still key people!) About 12 of us went over to KR Gallery to clean up after Sex Party. N drove the van like a crazy madman and [behind his back] we agreed he’d earnt the “Most Anarchistic Driver” title, though R from Redfern was a close contender.
It was obvious from the aftermath that everyone had had a great time. The owner wouldn’t let us come back tonight cos he’d had another big party there on Sat nite and was exhausted, but said we could come back another time. Was only one police complaint about noise. D cleaned the bathroom up and V mopped the huge floor – it all looked cleaner than it did before the party.
+ Me and V cleaned out the “biohazard” bathtub that had been used for pissing on a bloke in the S&M space (though later the bloke said: “Nah, we couldn’t piss on command – we used water mixed with paint”).
At 6pm, V was still getting calls on the QR phone: “Where’s the party?”
“Call us later this arvo,” he said.
I pointed out: “V, it’s 6pm now!”

Several of us went to the vegan Green Gourmet.
N said he’s never slept with his flatmate Nt, who was with us.
Why not? “He’s trouble.”
Asked if N is in the Furries, cos he’s super hairy. “No. They appear to be accepting of various body types but ultimately are like every other group – lots of rules.”
Nt: “I went to a Furries party wearing all pink and they rejected me.”
N: “See? He’s trouble.”

Gender/queer sexualities Workshop: held by San Fran E and Redfern S. How do we self-ID? A person had been asked at the Sex Party how they self-IDed cos they were in the Womyn’s Space. What pronouns do we like to use? Should we use any?
“In Chinese there’s no male or female pronouns.”
– “Yeah, but their society is still fucked.”
– Decided we should use “they” instead of “he” or “she”.

Art Show: Lots of great art.

Talent Show: Four easily bribed judges touted a “BMX bike” as the big prize and encouraged us to “dob in your friends”. Violet sang “Thank You for Queeruption”; Norrie sang a “Freedom “ song a capella; Sarah did a tummy trick – can’t remember if she also did “Moo” noises, but someone did; Mayhem did a Skippy impersonation; Sam did handstands; Raf did a “flexible shoulders” trick; Catherine D did topless hula hooping and got Bri to join in; F did wrestling with someone. Bunning did an act of terrorism by taking someone hostage and as ransom he wanted (and won!) the BMX (which was pink and girl-size).

Queer Anarchists’ convention – Day 8

Nunnery, 3pm:
Lots of stuff had been sorted and was in piles everywhere waiting for people to come and claim what’s theirs.
Beach Workshop – “I love the beach, but not the sun and the sand.”
“You need a rocky beach on a cloudy day.”
Took A and T and Nt to Bondi. The beach was packed with families and Nt swam in his white undies that showed everything as soon as he got wet. Everyone could still clearly read the world “SLUT” that had been cut into his back at the Lost Panties S&M party held two months ago.

Walking back to the car, along the main street, a little old lady was standing next to us at the crossing as Nt said loudly: “The Sex Party was great. I’d wanted to get ‘FAGGOT’ carved in my chest but didn’t get round to it.” (the lady jumped further away!).

Got back to the Nunnery and cleared out more rubbish. Threw out a toy that, as it bounced, said: “I love you! I love you!” Crtf and I nearly cried and took the toy along to the Erko pub that evening, where we were brusquely told that ideas of romantic love were completely silly.

Erko Pub socialising: N said he’d got a phone message saying: “I know who your dark-skinned, well-groomed leader is. He’s trying to close down my deep house dance party at Marrickville Bowlo Club.”
-“He’s got his wires crossed – I’m not interested in deep house music,” N said.

Several people wanted to go skinny dipping at Bronte pool. “I got scabies from sharing towels,” F said. “I had huge scabs and scars on my back from communal living.” “There’s sea lice in Bronte pool,” E said. “And sharks.” [Asked S a few days later how it went: “Yeah, we all stripped off and swam in the pool while a sleazy bloke watched us.”]

Gave Crtf and Nr and V and lifts home.
Nr has been barefoot for five years.
“Don’t your feet get dirty?”
“As dirty as shoes.”

Chatted to L at the Black Rose stall, who was featured in the SMH “Protesters refuse to rule out violence” APEC story and she’s p*ssed off with the writer cos “the headline was a beat up”. She felt the writer had seemed friendly and reasonable and apart from the headline and intro the article had turned out OK. The Tele had given them at least two front pages. She said APEC week had been terrible for everyone and her photo was on the hit list.

Random comments

XMAS PICNIC: Sat down (two hours late) in the middle of Vic Park with a huge tofu salad, but no buns/cutlery/plates! Bottles of drink but no cups! Rang around and got someone to bring them.

“You smell nice.”
“I washed my face and changed my socks. Didn’t shower, though.”

“I’ll take my wheelie bin to the CAAH same-sex marriage rally. It has a huge stereo and you can carry a 3ft pirate radio antenna off it. But I’ll need help, I’m not carrying the 3ft antenna by myself.”

“In some non-western societies, the elders initiate the children into sexual activity – it’s accepted.”

“I like watching Sydney schoolboys loosening their ties on the bus.”
“Yeah, let’s go cruising for schoolboys!”

“I have a public announcement – three people living in the same house have got crabs since the Sex Party. So check yourself and take care of yourself.”
“I don’t have them.”
“Shall I include that in the minutes?”
“How long is the life cycle for crabs?”
“A few weeks – dunno.”

“My mum got a $400 fine for smoking at Strathfield railway station. Even the cops were surprised at the fine. They had a prosecution statement! The magistrate threw the case out.”

N banging frantically on a toilet door: “Quick! Open up! We need some toilet paper – it’s an EMERGENCY!!!”
“I spilled Coca Cola all over the amps.”
“They’re still working – it can’t be THAT bad!”

“I don’t want to be consumed for someone’s PhD or film project.”

Nathanwi: “Consume me! Consume me!!!”

“I was OK with being the drug runner at QR. But now people I don’t even know keep ringing me all the time for pills. What should I tell them?”

“Everyone thinks I’m a total dork. I’m teased cos I like cooking. And cos of my art – doodles, really – and cos I like the Wombles.”

“O said he’d give me a blowjob tonite.”

“Don’t worship DJs – anyone can be a fucking DJ.”

The Great Debate: F was given five minutes to convince us to go to the Newtown Hotel instead of the Impy. Why? “Cos it’s the only pub that has Shout to the Top by Style Council on the jukebox.” She lost, and it turned out the Impy had it on the jukebox too.

“I use Gaydar but get too many replies that just say: ‘I want to be your girlfriend’. They could at least invite me out first!”
– “Yeah – I had a girl on Gaydar who emailed me saying: ‘I think you’re cute – I’ve downloaded your pic and carry it in my wallet’.”
– “Freaky!”

QR Bar volunteers: “We only sell cola by the cup.”
“But I want it in a can!”
“We could wash out a tin and pour it into that.”

“Let’s get a contingent for the Down-to-Earth confest. Be close to nature. There’ll be no toilets – pee where you are and poo into a hole in the ground.”

“I’m doing a thesis on Christianity and gayness. It’s about eunuchs. Jesus advocates same sex relationships as the highest form of loving.”

“Did you know [the Virgin] Mary was raped? And she was terrified by the angel.”

“I got a book from the Scientologists that says you can make a drunk person sober by pointing to objects and making them name them. By directing their attention. They even claimed it worked for drug users!”
– “If a drunk person was driving and you had 10 Scientologists in the car, pointing things out, they’d probably make it home OK. Like – ‘there’s the steering wheel’, ‘there’s another car!’, ‘there’s a lamppost’ …”

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I want to go somewhere where everyone’s nice.”

Film festival meeting

SCENE: N, K and T are feasting on vegan soup when C arrives. There’s an amazing fluoro artwork on the wall by a bloke who decorated the Kit Kat Club in Berlin. N’s three flatmates are sitting nearby in the living room.

“Let’s not do two days. I don’t have the energy.
“I’d never thought it was two days – only a night.”
“Three of us work full-time.” I can’t get any extra time off work.”
“That clashes with Biversity.”
“Is that any good?”
“Yeah, really friendly.”
“We could put some sofas around and they can recover.”
“Dunno if I can make it then – some of us might go to Queeruption in Berlin.”
“That’s two weeks after the State of Emergency gig.”

“Which day is easter egg day? I’ve got a two-year-old.”
“On Sunday!”
“I didn’t know that.”
“No, that he had a two-year-old.”

[Pointing to a can of Coke]: “That’s the product of the evil corporate machine!”
“I’m tired.”
“Can I have one?”
“Yeah, but it’s at room temperature. I’ll get some ice.”
“Dunno if I’m going to Berlin – it depends on my mental health.”
“There’s nothing a couple of Coca Colas and a stint in a mental hospital can’t fix.”

“Can we get films reflecting different sexualities and agendas? We need a political film, an activist film and a fluffy film.”
“There’s a good film about intersex people who are campaigning for unisex toilets.”
“But it’s quite expensive.”
“It’s free if you’re a worthy group.”
“We’ve got more chance of getting the film free if we have proof of campaigning for unisex toilets.”
“I hate unisex toilets.”

“We could send them pix of us out the front of the unisex toilets at Home and the Civic.”

“I hate Home – you can’t get near a mirror cos all the guys are reapplying their foundation.”

“Did you see The L-Word last nite? It’s rubbish. Nobody’s like that.
“They had a bunch of lesbians talking about bush confidence!
“It’d be good to do a sendup skit with some butch dykes saying: `I’m really worried about bush confidence’ in a totally non-worried way. You wouldn’t even have to change the script.”
“I like Sex and the City. Especially when I’m stoned.”

“Performance – open mike – that’s easy to organise. Publicity, legal info. Food. Art. Discussion ideas. OK – we’ll take two tasks each and report back.”

“We need more members. Can we get those girls who came last week – I’d like to suck them in.” “Not suck them in! Attract them!”
“Help, I’m stuck to my chair! I can’t move! Queeruption has captured me!”

“Are you going to recycle those Coke cans?”

“Yeah, put them there and the recycling fairy will take them away.”

“We’ll send out a wish list. People will plug in when they see it.”
“I’ll check out the buildings. Maybe that cake shop.
“What if the cops catch us painting the walls?”
“If the paint’s fresh and they find the materials we’ve had it.

“Wait, I’ll see you to the front door.”
“Why? Are you going to kiss us goodnite?”
“No, he’s going to fuck us goodnite.”
“Well make it quick. I’ve gotta go.”
“We’re all going in the same direction? We could have brought one car instead of three!”

Senator Lady Flo

Excerpts:  Senator Lady Bjelke-Petersen addressed an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 women at William House in Maryborough yesterday. She spoke on topics ranging from how to be a good parent, to her visit to a sleazy Paris night club.
I took this photo at Joh and Flo Bjelke-Petersen’s barbecue held at their Kingaroy home.
The audience applauded when she advocated that unemployed people should work for their money.

“The Government should only help people who are prepared to help themselves.”

She said people often asked her what it was like being a woman member of parliament. “It’s often difficult, because you still have to do all the shopping and cooking for your family.”

“I think the best job any woman can have is that of a wife and mother. A woman’s lucky if she has a family and children of her own. Some women aren’t so fortunate to be married. My sister hasn’t been so lucky but she’s got my children and she’s like a defacto grandmother to them.”

On the subject of censorship, she reminisced on her family’s visit to a Paris night club, where the entertainment contained some “rather naughty segments”.

“There were bare-breasted women wearing less than they ought, and I had to keep saying to my children, ‘Shut your eyes, shut your eyes’.

“The only problem with some of the material here is that you have to say ‘Cover your ears’ as well!”

She visited Maryborough to tell the jobless to work.
Flo visited Maryborough to tell the unemployed to get a job.