Saw Graeme Garden in The Unbelievable Truth

The Chaser crew have bought the format from Graeme Garden and are doing an Australian version. Garden came out here to appear in a show and give them his best jokes.

He was in great form. I won’t mention more, you’ll have to tune in. The taping went really well and the comedians are all even funnier in real life, with much ad libbing and witty repartee.

Goodies review: Cockatoo Island

Tim Brooke-Taylor, Cotton Ward, Graeme Garden
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Cotton Ward, Graeme Garden

They’re brilliant! Went to three of the four shows.

What I enjoyed most is their wit and on-the-spot improvisation and changes they made between the shows. There’s so much subtle physical comedy too (especially from Tim) — the glances and postures; the timing of each phrase. So much confidence gained from years committed to comedy. Watching two masters of the art in action who are still great friends.

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Alexei Sayle

Cotton Ward, Alexei Sayle, Alisdair Finnie
Cotton Ward, Alexei Sayle, Alisdair Finnie

Alexei Sayle was in a reflective mood at the Cockatoo Island Comedy Festival. He’s now an author but occasionally scores gigs, such as Miss Marple, which his agent said he’d got cause his new beard makes him look intellectual.

Sayle commented frankly on the comedy scene in the UK and the disparity in various people’s fortunes. “Ade Edmondson doesn’t have to work anymore cause he’s married to Jennifer Saunders. The money just streams in through the letterbox every day.” He says he “hates” Ben Elton for inviting him to his Rod Stewart musical, Tonight’s the Night, and there were three tiers/floor levels at the after-party and Sayle was placed in the middle level, “stuck with a saxophone player from the Clash in a closet”.  You can’t take any anecdotes literally — he said he still gets on with Ben Elton. He exaggerates for effect and it works.

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