Queer anarchists – the day before the convention

“I spent the last two nights breaking into nine buildings, but we couldn’t find anything suitable. I needed crutches after kicking in a church door the other night.”
– “That’s GOT to be a mortal sin. You’ll have to do heaps of penance for the next 40 days. Eat fish on Fridays.”
“I can’t – we’re eating vegan all week. No real protein – my bones will go all floppy!”

“We all have to converge tomorrow at 9.30amBT [Bourgeois Time] at Belmore Park, opposite Central Railway Station, then catch a train or walk to the destination. We need at least 100 of us to secure the building. There aren’t many local cops, so they won’t be able to overpower us. They’ll leave us alone if there’s a big crowd.”
“Bring your camping stuff – untensils, sleeping bags.”
“If the police ask us to leave, we’ll make that clear so you can make a choice on whether to stay or go.”
“It’s best not to bring any drugs. If you’re going on Shitty Rail, hide drugs under cayenne pepper or within coffee – the police can take sniffer dogs on trains.”

“I’ll be arriving at the venue with a van, so I can smuggle any drugs. I won’t consume them beforehand. Remember to clearly label them with your name and address!
“We’ll have a PA sound system pumping out music by 1pm and we’ll definitely have disco by 6pm.”

Me and Nt played Catch ‘n’ Kiss.
“Catch me! Catch me!” I screamed, as Nt leisurely ran after me. He grabbed me by the waist, lifted me off the ground and swirled me round in a circle. “Kiss me! Kiss me!” I screamed. And he did again and again!

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