Senator Lady Flo

Excerpts:  Senator Lady Bjelke-Petersen addressed an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 women at William House in Maryborough yesterday. She spoke on topics ranging from how to be a good parent, to her visit to a sleazy Paris night club.
I took this photo at Joh and Flo Bjelke-Petersen’s barbecue held at their Kingaroy home.
The audience applauded when she advocated that unemployed people should work for their money.

“The Government should only help people who are prepared to help themselves.”

She said people often asked her what it was like being a woman member of parliament. “It’s often difficult, because you still have to do all the shopping and cooking for your family.”

“I think the best job any woman can have is that of a wife and mother. A woman’s lucky if she has a family and children of her own. Some women aren’t so fortunate to be married. My sister hasn’t been so lucky but she’s got my children and she’s like a defacto grandmother to them.”

On the subject of censorship, she reminisced on her family’s visit to a Paris night club, where the entertainment contained some “rather naughty segments”.

“There were bare-breasted women wearing less than they ought, and I had to keep saying to my children, ‘Shut your eyes, shut your eyes’.

“The only problem with some of the material here is that you have to say ‘Cover your ears’ as well!”

She visited Maryborough to tell the jobless to work.
Flo visited Maryborough to tell the unemployed to get a job.

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