Four Corners last night – Belmore Park

It was about youth remand centres and rehabilitation. A bloke said he “rolled” people for money in Belmore Park as they walked to the bus.

A couple of years ago I was walking through Belmore Park and was feeling very grim and preoccupied cause I was in agony with endometriosis pain AND on my way to a Lifeline counselling class. A young guy snuck up and grabbed the strap of my handbag.  I didn’t flinch or fight, just kept on walking, didn’t even look at him and he seemed really freaked out by my non-reaction. He started lecturing me on “how dangerous this area is” and it wasn’t safe for me to be walking alone (it was 5.30pm on a sunny weekday) and how people get their handbags snatched.

I didn’t answer but I was thinking it was very hypocritical since he seemed to be the only danger around. I wasn’t chatty so didn’t tell him where I was going.

He got me safely to Central.

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