Danielo Suelo – lives in a cave with no money

He blogs from a public library in the US. Lives off roadkill and the land and is very religious. http://sites.google.com/site/livingwithoutmoney/

Taking Thoreau to the Xtreme! He quotes Thoreau:  “In proportion as he Simplifies his Life, the Laws of the Universe will appear less complex, and Solitude will not be solitude, nor Poverty poverty, nor Weakness weakness.”

He got clinical depression and stripped his life of jobs and money and found the only way to get rid of his depression was to live simply. He has a huge thing about not feeling “dishonest”.

When people try to give him money:

“I often try to tell people that I don’t take or use money before they try to give me anything.  If they then try to give me money, I refuse it and tell them again, “I am not joking, I really don’t take or use money”, and I thank them for their intention.  If they don’t know I live moneyless and they give me money, I often take it and then leave it some place random, at least within 24 hours.  This way I am accepting people’s generosity but not their money, and everybody is happy, including a third party stranger who finds that random money.  Once in a while I pass it on to somebody I encounter who might need it.”

To be a vagabond, a bum, and make an art of it – this idea enchanted me.  The idea of it was just plain fun.”

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