SMH NSW transport campaign and politics

I haven’t posted about politics for ages – am keeping up with it but just nothing happening of any note. Peter Garrett on Lateline last night looked like his heart wasn’t in the job anymore – they should move him off. I’m not convinced the flatbacked turtle is safe or the blind gudgeon. If he can’t convince me of that, there’s no point in him doing that job.

Q&A went off tonite – the Muslim cartoon. Tony Abbott. Ooh.

I don’t give a toss about Kristina taking Nathan’s job. I think Rees should stay on.

I liked the comment about Malcolm Turnbull – “the only way we could get rid of him was to make him leader.” Can’t remember where I read that.

SMH transport campaign – I think Andrew West is brilliant cause he  writes well about topics I like. I have his books – Bob Carr and Inside the Lifestyles of the Rich and Tasteful. The latter was lying around the SMH kitchen on the “freebie” table so I nabbed it years ago. It’s great.

Am reading the transport campaign and am disappointed the inner west has been sidelined in favour of the north-west and south-west. It takes me an hour to travel 3km to work in Pyrmont by public transport, which is criminal. Yet if I drive, it only takes 10-15mins, but I have to pay parking at $3.30/hr or $20 for the day at Star City as “punishment” for driving my car.

I don’t see how it’s worthwhile for me to spend an extra 1.5hrs commuting – that’s crap.

And don’t tell me to ride a bike – I did that and got rosacea from the sun (despite covering up and slathering on SPF 30). So I have to stay out of the sun now to stop that from getting worse. Have sold bike.

Am pleased the SMH will have more tabloid sections for “commuters”. Ties in nicely with the transport campaign.

Join the campaign here. Send submissions/ideas to by 6pm on October 8, 2009.

Photo Douglas Elford, Western Australian Museum.
Help! Save me! Blind gudgeon. Photo: Douglas Elford, Western Australian Museum.

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