Debate: popular culture is junk

Went to IQ Squared talk at Angel Place at Angel Place, debating the topic “Popular Culture: We’ve seen the future and it is junk”.

Elizabeth Farrelly (who was introduced as having a large menagerie of pets, including bearded dragons and many fish).

*“I’m usually lambasted as a pinko leftie lover … but now I’m arguing for the conservative side!”

“Popular culture has given us Twitter, Britney and LOLcats. Popularity is the bean counter’s revenge on our culture.”

“Whenever I slag off McMansions, I am labelled by capitalists as a leftie money phobe, and by the lefties as an elitist snob, and anti-western suburbs.

“Truth in art is the difference between presenting what your audience wants to hear or what you really believe.

“Art, writing, music require judgment, and judgment requires courage.

“Hard truth versus sweet lies.

“Sweet lies means every kids is viewed as a genius. Malcolm Turnbull is punished for sticking to his beliefs. Gen X is now Gen XXL. And climate change is viewed as a leftie lie.”

“Being sceptical of all the sweet lies is a survival strategy.”

Bryce Courtenay, 77yrs, sold 11 million books in 80 languages.

“The internet might let the best universal minds strut their stuff. My greatest regret is I won’t be around long enough to bask in its warmth.”

“Is there more good in the world today than when I was young? Yes!”

Tom Crago – video games

“Video game industry is bigger than the movie industry.”

“We’re rapidly becoming smarter, more ethical and more participatory.

“We keep the best of the past and build a future that’s inclusive.”

“The main culture of 50 and 100 years ago wasn’t good. We’ve improved.”

Wendy Harmer — humourist

“My son, 12, listens to Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones and has books about Buddha and The Simpsons on his bedside table. He runs an online Warcraft guild with 300 people from around the world. The best of the past with the best of the future.”

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