ABBAWorld, Sydney

Had a great time at ABBAWorld tonite. It was PACKED!

The singers were all great, katie Noonan, Andy Bull and iOTA (who did amazing rock versions of Ring Ring, So Long and SOS).
The manager of ABBAWorld spilt red wine over my cat costume! He quickly towelled it off and there was much rushing to the bar to get soda water. It eventually all came out.
I LOVE Rox’s ABBA scrapbooks, brings back memories. Under glass cases. What a dream come true, wish it were mine there.
The karaoke booths were full. The costumes are not behind glass.
I like the compact version, though dunno if the noise factor will be too much when all sections are going.
(I think the dance stomping is left out and the mixing challenge? I quite liked those. Not sure.)
Great video of Bjorn (the Richard Wilkins one) and everyone cheered when a pic of Bjorn and Agnetha was shown, together at Copenhagen.
Ian won  the trivia quiz, it was between him, Trudi and Rox. (No one else was invited to take part; the organisers made the selection.)
A great time.
They played Dancing Queen lots of times in between acts and I got a dance session going in the middle of the floor, doing the authentic moves. My costume really seemed to inspire people to join in whenever I did a few basic dance moves. I was surrounded by dance partners, and who can resist boogieing to Dancing Queen? Got lots of compliments. It’s amazing how strangers respond to a costume, it’s just a bit of fabric (with hours of painstaking painting!) I’m so glad I painted it. It was agony!
I’m not sure now of the wisdom of doing that article online about How to make an ABBA cat costume, as it has had zillions of hits in the past couple of weeks leading up to ABBAWorld. And there were so many with the cat costume! Not as good as mine, though. Still, it was great to see a good showing of cat costumes.
I would have like to have worn my Fernando dress, but it got zero recognition when I wore it out twice last week — except among hard core fans only.

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