Volunteer at ABBAWhirl!

Want to share your love of ABBA? We are looking for volunteers to help enrich visitors’ experience by dramatically recreating highlights of ABBA fandom. Using acting techniques gleaned from your innumerable viewings of ABBA The Movie and The Girl with the Golden Hair mini-musical, ABBAWhirl volunteers will be asked to melodramatically convey:

  • the crushing emotions experienced by fans when the November tour of Australia was cancelled in 1976;
  • the exhilarating thrill when it was announced the concert would be held in March, 1977;
  • the agony of the 15-year cliffhanger where a fan wrote a nine-part series for an online ABBA-list describing the events leading up to his meeting with Agnetha, but never wrote the *critical* 10th installment when actually he met her. (Visitors will be invited to interactively use their imagination to fill in the blanks.)

A fan gave us permission to use this example of how your expert ABBA knowledge can be applied when directing visitors through ABBAWhirl: “The loos? Yes, they’re right down the hallway, Sir, next to the Agnetha section, you know the one who recorded a brand new album in 2004, was recently seen with her ex in Copenhagen for Mamma Mia! and is featured in a new article just come out saying she wants ABBA to get back together briefly, and has overcome her fear of flying, and …”

Contact ABBAWhirl with your details of when you’re free during summer.


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