Kevin Rudd’s talk

Mr Rudd was in great form at the Law School today. Chatted in Mandarin for visiting Chinese lawyers, cracked jokes, charmed everyone. He pointed out that it’s important for countries to intervene when there’s a slaughter/genocide happening, such as in Libya and Syria. He said it was a positive modern-day development that international interventions happen nowadays to save civilian populations. On the topic of law studies, he encouraged more Australians to go to China to study Chinese and Chinese law. “It’s tough learning the language, but it has to be done.”

He was great at answering questions in detail, and audience members thanked him for his ‘academic paper’, but he said: “I scribbled something on a few sheets on the way down on the plane.” Someone asked his position and he said: “I’m still an MP. I haven’t been demoted from that. Yet.”  *much chuckling from the audience*

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