USyd interfaculty boxing

Went to boxing last night to see Law faculty v Medicine and support the nascent women’s boxing. There was a big push to get women permitted to box at uni, and it was only allowed a couple of years ago. There was a bout on the program, but it was cancelled as one of the competitors told me she was still a novice, so she came along and watched.

Each bout was 3 rounds and the winner was decided by audience cheers. There were a lot of people from St Johns and St Andrews, so it was a bit of a popularity vote, except when there was a Mike Tyson-like crowd pleaser.

There were four trophies presented by proper judges/coaches at the end — St John’s won overall. The older coaches and the bloke MC and referee were all out of the “Rocky” movies — such characters and clearly devoted to boxing. You could tell they love it.

It was amazing to see the big boxing ring in the Manning Bar — last event I went to there was Club Arak, wearing a burqa.


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