Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret

On Valentine’s Day I went to see a Same Sex Domestic Violence cabaret, My Other Closet, starring Ross Vickery and produced/directed by his partner Matthew Robert Parsons.

They’re both lovely people I’ve met on the GLBTIQ party scene, always dressed in amazing costumes.

Russ sang various snippets of great pop songs and told his personal story of domestic violence in a same-sex relationship to raise awareness of the issue. It includes his 17-year marriage, and first gay relationship (emotional manipulation, psychological control and physical violence).

A major problem in the GLBTIQ scene re: domestic violence is the police and courts tend to refuse to recognise that violence can even occur between two people of the same sex, due to them being viewed as generally having the “same strength”. Eg. a man should be able to defend himself against another man. As Russ pointed out, of course this is ridiculous when you’re dealing with psychos. The same reasons are given to REFUSE to give GLBTIQ victims emergency housing.

Russ ended the show with : ‘You will love again, and it will be amazing.’

There was a Q&A forum afterwards with GLBTIQ  support services – such as ACON’s Anti-Violence Project (AVP) – and a great handout with several people’s experiences with different types of domestic abuse.

ACON statistics show more than one-third of people in gay or lesbian relationships experience domestic violence but only 30% seek help. And the numbers can be higher for trans people.

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