Second Countdown-a-thon

We all did ourselves a favour and went to the second Countdown-a-thon, at L’s. S very dutifully spent MONTHS editing down the best bits of 70s and 80s stuff he had on VHS tapes. I went to see Mark Holden sans shirt, and this *did not happen*! Mostly because nobody could figure out how to use the remote control until we’d finished that DVD.

D is the worst music critic ever, due to saying at the beginning of every song: “This is my most favourite one ever!” S and I couldn’t contain ourselves and jumped up to dance to Leif Garrett’s “I Was Made For Dancing“. T was there, she had won Perfect Match in the 1980s and went on a lovely holiday. There were pics of her in a Perfect Match magazine having sunscreen rubbed into her back by her date. She makes great Hummingbird cake.

L had lots of 70s food, Countdown books, and Dolly mags and Cosmo and Cleo, they were all great. Stuff on how to insert a tampon and how to avoid AIDS.

There was even an article about how Madonna was “suffering over-exposure”! In the 1980s!

Where is North Rocks? More than 40km there and back, says my Satnav!


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