Went to Meng Fei’s Q&A in Sydney

Saw Meng Fei tonight, of If You Are The One. Was great. I love the show’s hosts and having people round to watch it. He was very good, and joked that he might open a noodle shop here. I missed a lot in the translation. The Chinese-speaking audience picked up about three-times more jokes. Some fans had flown from Perth and Darwin. Australia’s one of the few countries that adds sub-titles, otherwise you have to know Mandarin to follow it.

Professor Wanning Sun, of UTS, said the dating scene had recently changed with economic reform and privatisation: before that, other people, such as bosses and supervisors, would tell employees who they should date. Elders would gather in parks with posters listing the qualities of their children so they could pair them off. Now, everyone has to find love themselves, so it’s a huge paradigm shift, which is why If You Are The One always stresses it’s “providing a service”.

Love the Chinese fans, they were hilarious, all rushed up to surround Meng Fei at the end. And LOTS of yummy food afterwards, all Aussie food, meat pies etc. It was a tourism event. A koala made an appearance. Western Syd uni campus is very nice.
Meng Fei’s appearance in Sydney He’s on at 1:08.

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