Ted and Ralph

“Usual problem with the drainage in the lower field…”

“Ted, are you interested in French cinema at all, Ted?”
“I wouldn’t know about that sir…”

“Are you doing anything on Friday Ted?”

“No, you misunderstand me Ted, I did mean in the evening… Do you like Tina Turner, Ted?”

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Goodies review: Cockatoo Island

Tim Brooke-Taylor, Cotton Ward, Graeme Garden
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Cotton Ward, Graeme Garden

They’re brilliant! Went to three of the four shows.

What I enjoyed most is their wit and on-the-spot improvisation and changes they made between the shows. There’s so much subtle physical comedy too (especially from Tim) — the glances and postures; the timing of each phrase. So much confidence gained from years committed to comedy. Watching two masters of the art in action who are still great friends.

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