Saw Graeme Garden in The Unbelievable Truth

The Chaser crew have bought the format from Graeme Garden and are doing an Australian version. Garden came out here to appear in a show and give them his best jokes.

He was in great form. I won’t mention more, you’ll have to tune in. The taping went really well and the comedians are all even funnier in real life, with much ad libbing and witty repartee.

Brady v Brady (1969) Paramount ABC

Watched the Kitty Karry-All episode where Cindy’s favourite doll and Bobby’s kazoo go missing. Each accuses the other of theft. Dad Brady teaches them that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and you can’t jump to conclusions using circumstantial evidence.

Some quotes that outline the main facts:

“She was right here on the couch. Then she was gone. And he was gone too!”

“She doesn’t even have her bottle — she’ll STARVE to death!”

“She can’t accuse him and get away with it.”

“I didn’t take that doll, no matter what she says!”

“Cindy … did you take Bobby’s kazoo?”

“Tiger, you’ve been accused of doll snatching. How do you plead?”

“Mike, aren’t you convicting Tiger without a fair trial?”

The Brady Bunch

I’ve recently watched most episodes of the Brady Bunch. What I like most are the behind the scenes stories, in particular how gay Robert Reed made the BB kids his surrogate family and was there for them and loved them as a real Dad. He was a real-life father but, after the divorce, his daughter didn’t live with him and was later adopted by her step-father.

There’s a moving quote by “Peter” saying Reed was a positive influence on him, and the BB was a more loving family for him than his own.

“Marcia” says in an interview that she didn’t suspect Reed was gay, she’d fantasised she’d “run off with him one day and marry him”!

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Poetry inspired by a visit to Oxford

Poems inspired by my visit to England.

It’s a city of “dreaming spires”*
With colleges and herds of deer
Clever clogs like Oscar Wilde
composed his epigrams here.

Evelyn Waugh dunced out
His partying got out of hand, a bit.
Later writing Brideshead Revisited
Sort of made up for it.

For those who don’t feel athletic
and find rowing to be fraught,
you can still become a champion —
Tiddywinks counts as a sport.

If you get sent down
for failing to swot,
Get a job showing tourists
where Harry Potter films were shot.

*”city of dreaming spires”, a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold  in Thyrsis (1866).


Yummy bunny in my tummy
Ooh I’m feeling rather funny
Hmmm… I think I’d better runny,
Quickly to the nearest dunny.



I like to eat Vegemite on Sao,
But here nothing beats prawn and mayo.