Maggie’s Pet Rescue Trivia Night

Maggie’s Pet Rescue Trivia night totally went off at Marrickville Bowlo. Was sold out and raised $11,000. Protia Turbo was the host (who has adopted several rescue pets)and did a terrific job.

At my table, had a chat about the Radikal Faeries and sand-pit therapy (2 types). G named most of the books in the Old Testament (except about 5), amazing. Cos, ask her about Kate Winslet coffee, everyone was gobsmacked. H won a big TV, so it’s Eurovision at His. A couple of people at our table won Silent Auction items. There was fantastic dog and cat paintings (with the paint still wet).

Lots of fun and a great night. Oh, and G said he’d scored 2 tickets to Kate Bush! Me, am going to wait til it comes out on DVD.


A.C. Grayling: privacy and right to life

Went to A.C. Grayling lecture tonight. He quoted Benjamin Franklin, 1775: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

He says we should resist having Google and Facebook harvesting all our details, and governments being able to read all our emails. What if our govt isn’t benign one day?

Also, people from conservative cultures might become the dominant online force — maybe we will be made to go back to the days of Mad Men and a lack of equality?

He said some countries (eg. Russia) don’t even have a word for “privacy”.

He told some scary anecdotes about people from countries where privacy doesn’t exist and the govt monitors everything — I won’t mention them here, as he’s on tour in Sydney for the Writer’s Festival and you can see him yourself.

Right to Life: he means quality of life. So, actually: a right to die with dignity when the quality of life plummets.

A pretty radical character with an interesting history.

A’s birthday party

Went to A’s birthday. T and R were there and T said she’d mainly seen punk bands and alternative, indie music, but she went to see Britney and it was “totally fantastic!” “I’d been told all my life that the mainstream was CRAP, but it wasn’t! The escalators – going up to our seats – even had glittery lights!”

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