Bisexual trivia nite

Joined the Bisexual table at a general trivia night. The quiz master must have been used to serious quizgoers, as he kept enforcing strict rules about keeping mobile phones off and during True and False game team members weren’t allowed to help each other.

My trivia knowledge has improved since working on the newsdesk, though there weren’t many current affairs questions. I knew the name of the Best Director, as I’d had to check the spelling last night. The bloke next to me knew most of the answers. One of our team knew what time it was in New York.

There were three $100 jackpot questions and no one got any of them. They were about crop circles, Anzac Cove and something else.

We came second-last.

Had a bit of discussion about the Bisexual group which is looking for new volunteers to run events and dance parties or similar. We used to have a lot of events and there’s a little bit of $$$ leftover in the kitty. An art exhibition is being planned.

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