Audrey Hepburn movies

Have been watching a couple of Audrey Hepburn movies –- Sabrina, Paris When It Sizzles and Funny Face. (taped from ABC Sat arvos). The idea of romance has changed so much –- all a bloke needed to do was kiss Audrey, which would suddenly induce dramatic conflict and soul-searching for her and a couple of scenes later she’d have changed her mind and be madly in love with him.

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Adventure Island closing song lyrics

I transcribed the lyrics as I couldn’t find them anywhere else:

It’s time to say “Goodbye Goodbye”, it’s sad but time’s the reason why … we must bid farewell for a day or two.

So til you come back again, think of us now and then, think of us a little bit cause we’ll be thinking  of you.

The week has gone so very fast, but as they say, what’s past is past …

And we are looking forward to next week anew.

Though you are out of sight, we’ll find, you are not out of mind …

Think of us a little bit cause we’ll be thinking of you.

We hate saying goodbye, hardly an eye is dry…

We’d like to put it off til tomorrow, then we’d only say — the goodbyes we should be saying today; time is something we cannot borrow…

We’ll count the hours til Monday’s show – and there’s one thing you must know, believe every word we say is true, so true …

For no one else can take your places, we’ll remember all your faces, think of us a little bit cause we’ll be thinking of you.

So til we meet again, Be good, Do all you can that’s right and we’ll be back to see you same time on Monday night. Goodnight.

We’ll be thinking of you, dear children … just you.


My favourite characters were Fester Fumble, Miser Meanie and Squire Squeezem. It ran on the ABC form 1967 (and with repeats) until 1976. Was set in Diddley-Dum-Diddley.

From Wiki: “Samson (the pussycat) was actually a magic cat who would be invisible until Monday afternoon’s episode. To make him appear, the hostess would need to answer a question he would ask from “beyond”. He would disappear again on Friday afternoons by sneezing.”

The “Sue” in the Adventure Island clip is Sue Donovan, Jason Donovan’s mum. She was an ABC newsreader.

Artist Christopher Dean did a series of artworks based on the show. He says: “Although this program was in black and white it created the genre of a psychedelic pantomime and introduced young children to issues such as nuclear disarmament, non-traditional gender stereotypes such as drag and left wing politics that emphasised that the baddies were always in charge.” His paintings here.

Skippy the bush kangaroo

Just got round to watching a doco on Skippy I’d taped on my VCR last week. Love the theme music but it’s such an earworm! There were 91 episodes made from 1966-8. It was filmed by English blokes who appreciated the Aussie light and bush, so they did lots of wide vista shots. Sweden wouldn’t show it cause it would make their kids think animals could save the world!

Skippy was shot in Ku-ring-gai, which is now being redeveloped with high-density housing. I’ve visited Waratah National Park – it was set on 13 hectares with the Ranger’s office intact. You can’t go and visit it now cause it has closed down and the 140 kangaroos have been re-homed. The office might re-open someday.

At Ranger Headquarters, Waratah Park. I'm third from the left.

The Ranger's office in Skippy.
The Ranger's office in Skippy.
Inside the office when I visited.
Inside the office when I visited.


Pics from the series from Don Storey’s excellent Skippy site.

Foreign Correspondent, Dateline

It’s easier to cry during that doco on the pets being inbred or Scooby being rescued from the cave  than for the angry faced poor featured on foreign affairs programs. It’s difficult to feel appropriate empathy when they’re eyeing up the TV crew like they want to machete them. It’s not doing their cause any favours.

I remember donating to the tsunami appeal, and then reports got back that Aceh didn’t want our filthy money cause they’re radical Muslims. Bad PR. They need Max Markson.

This week’s Foreign Correspondent filled its usual quota of gruesomeness but Eric Campbell (reporter) seemed very disappointed at being unable to show  workers slaving away in a treeless coltan mine. It seems the problem had been mostly cleared up before Campbell got there, though he managed to find a blackmarket seller. The tone was very heavy-handed. Like this: coltan is used by us selfish Westerners for our hedonistic PlayStations and mobile phones. Sorry – but I didn’t see that on the label when I bought it.

And reporters showing off that they know French cheeses me off – it’s so Jana Wendt. Why? Cause I think there should always be a local interpreter shown onscreen just in case there are local idioms and coloquiallisms. Native tonguesters aren’t going to speak in Language Laboratory French.

I preferred Campbell’s reports, with a touch of wry humour, on The Investigators (1987), with Helen Wellings.

Adventure Island — usual closing lyrics

Usual end theme song:

You’ve got to go home now – you’ve got to go away but please come back tomorrow and help us save the day.

We’ve got a terrible problem and we don’t know what to do, so we are hoping that tomorrow we can count on you.

We won’t let anything happen until you tune us in. Perhaps your kind suggestions will help us all to win?

The Baddies are causing trouble which is nothing new! And we are hoping that tomorrow we can count on you.

We’ve sat around and puzzled to try to fathom out — the problem that besets us, now what’s it all about?

So please come back and help us, this is what we ask. Help us beat the Baddies please help us in this task.

We’ve tried all that we know now, we need you to pull us through.

And we are hoping tomorrow, that we can count on you – and you – and you – and you.

That we can count on you.