Audrey Hepburn movies

Have been watching a couple of Audrey Hepburn movies –- Sabrina, Paris When It Sizzles and Funny Face. (taped from ABC Sat arvos). The idea of romance has changed so much –- all a bloke needed to do was kiss Audrey, which would suddenly induce dramatic conflict and soul-searching for her and a couple of scenes later she’d have changed her mind and be madly in love with him.

I was a bit disappointed in how dizzy Audrey is in these earlier movies –- I was more familiar with My Fair Lady and Breakfast At Tiffany’s which makes her look absolutely substantial compared with those earlier films.

The other thing was for blokes –- the conflicted, big romantic gesture. It’s easy to imagine older guys (the male stars are still usually much older!) being besotted with a youthful Audrey. There’s a sort of conflict: “I can’t believe I could get someone so young and fabulous!”

Luckily the earlier magic kiss has melted her resistance and, “bravely” overcoming their reluctance to be viewed as an older lecherous type (this must be for the benefit of female fans, as male viewers would be cheering) the male star does some unexpected grand romantic gesture.

You wouldn’t get away with such pap today, audiences would laugh. But I love the corniness!

Wearing: Breakfast At Tiffany's T-shirt, Kmart.

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