Christopher Hitchens: Religion poisons everything

Christopher Hitchens, left, and Tony Jones.
Christopher Hitchens, left, and Tony Jones.
Jones (left) and Hitchens leave the stage.
Jones (left) and Hitchens leave the stage.

He’s an amazing speaker — was the opening address for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House. I couldn’t take notes cause they turned down the lights and I can’t recollect his whole arguments — he’s extensively thorough on each point, with numerous tangents. So these aren’t his exact quotes — there’s a telecast on the ABC site.

I’d thought there would be argy bargy as I saw some Traddies in the foyer (traditional Catholics) but only the MC, Tony Jones, was asking questions.

Hitchens covered the angles of “I don’t need supernatural supervision to do good deeds” and gave an example of how he likes to donate blood.

Also, he said religious people have to accept that the Abrahamic God took a long while to intervene in people’s history — only 3000 years ago — and yet there had been a lot of wars and raping and kids killed before then. He said that had to be acknowledged, andhe doesn’t buy the arguments: “God’s ways are greater than ours, He works in mysterious ways, his ways are opaque.”

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Fr Bob Macguire forced to retire

“The rich and powerful catholic neo-cons have had enough of my style, valued as it may be by secular society.”

He’s about to reach 75, “the age of statutory senility”, and has been told to vacate the premises and retire to an old priests’ home.

“[The archibishop] gave me two dates for compliance. One was my birthday. He expects a letter of resignation. The other is a month later. He expects me to vacate the premises.”

Fr Bob’s blog. The Age story. Fr Bob on FB. Fr Bob on Twitter. Look at all that Fr Bob does on Twitter – it’s heartbreaking that he’s getting a “pink slip”.