Queer anarchists – convention days 6&7

Day 6
+ Several workshops.
+Sex Party. Was held at the Gallery and hugely successful. Cuddle puddle.


MEETING: 2pm, Nunnery:
Mother-of-All Dance Parties had previously been scheduled for tonite, but everyone was too trashed after the Sex Party last nite.
Rang Nt (“I’m trashed”) and P (“I’m feeling a bit fragile”), so I guessed it wouldn’t be on (yes, I know it’s a collective, but there are still key people!) About 12 of us went over to KR Gallery to clean up after Sex Party. N drove the van like a crazy madman and [behind his back] we agreed he’d earnt the “Most Anarchistic Driver” title, though R from Redfern was a close contender.
It was obvious from the aftermath that everyone had had a great time. The owner wouldn’t let us come back tonight cos he’d had another big party there on Sat nite and was exhausted, but said we could come back another time. Was only one police complaint about noise. D cleaned the bathroom up and V mopped the huge floor – it all looked cleaner than it did before the party.
+ Me and V cleaned out the “biohazard” bathtub that had been used for pissing on a bloke in the S&M space (though later the bloke said: “Nah, we couldn’t piss on command – we used water mixed with paint”).
At 6pm, V was still getting calls on the QR phone: “Where’s the party?”
“Call us later this arvo,” he said.
I pointed out: “V, it’s 6pm now!”

Several of us went to the vegan Green Gourmet.
N said he’s never slept with his flatmate Nt, who was with us.
Why not? “He’s trouble.”
Asked if N is in the Furries, cos he’s super hairy. “No. They appear to be accepting of various body types but ultimately are like every other group – lots of rules.”
Nt: “I went to a Furries party wearing all pink and they rejected me.”
N: “See? He’s trouble.”

Gender/queer sexualities Workshop: held by San Fran E and Redfern S. How do we self-ID? A person had been asked at the Sex Party how they self-IDed cos they were in the Womyn’s Space. What pronouns do we like to use? Should we use any?
“In Chinese there’s no male or female pronouns.”
– “Yeah, but their society is still fucked.”
– Decided we should use “they” instead of “he” or “she”.

Art Show: Lots of great art.

Talent Show: Four easily bribed judges touted a “BMX bike” as the big prize and encouraged us to “dob in your friends”. Violet sang “Thank You for Queeruption”; Norrie sang a “Freedom “ song a capella; Sarah did a tummy trick – can’t remember if she also did “Moo” noises, but someone did; Mayhem did a Skippy impersonation; Sam did handstands; Raf did a “flexible shoulders” trick; Catherine D did topless hula hooping and got Bri to join in; F did wrestling with someone. Bunning did an act of terrorism by taking someone hostage and as ransom he wanted (and won!) the BMX (which was pink and girl-size).

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