Queer Anarchists’ convention – Day 8

Nunnery, 3pm:
Lots of stuff had been sorted and was in piles everywhere waiting for people to come and claim what’s theirs.
Beach Workshop – “I love the beach, but not the sun and the sand.”
“You need a rocky beach on a cloudy day.”
Took A and T and Nt to Bondi. The beach was packed with families and Nt swam in his white undies that showed everything as soon as he got wet. Everyone could still clearly read the world “SLUT” that had been cut into his back at the Lost Panties S&M party held two months ago.

Walking back to the car, along the main street, a little old lady was standing next to us at the crossing as Nt said loudly: “The Sex Party was great. I’d wanted to get ‘FAGGOT’ carved in my chest but didn’t get round to it.” (the lady jumped further away!).

Got back to the Nunnery and cleared out more rubbish. Threw out a toy that, as it bounced, said: “I love you! I love you!” Crtf and I nearly cried and took the toy along to the Erko pub that evening, where we were brusquely told that ideas of romantic love were completely silly.

Erko Pub socialising: N said he’d got a phone message saying: “I know who your dark-skinned, well-groomed leader is. He’s trying to close down my deep house dance party at Marrickville Bowlo Club.”
-“He’s got his wires crossed – I’m not interested in deep house music,” N said.

Several people wanted to go skinny dipping at Bronte pool. “I got scabies from sharing towels,” F said. “I had huge scabs and scars on my back from communal living.” “There’s sea lice in Bronte pool,” E said. “And sharks.” [Asked S a few days later how it went: “Yeah, we all stripped off and swam in the pool while a sleazy bloke watched us.”]

Gave Crtf and Nr and V and lifts home.
Nr has been barefoot for five years.
“Don’t your feet get dirty?”
“As dirty as shoes.”

Chatted to L at the Black Rose stall, who was featured in the SMH “Protesters refuse to rule out violence” APEC story and she’s p*ssed off with the writer cos “the headline was a beat up”. She felt the writer had seemed friendly and reasonable and apart from the headline and intro the article had turned out OK. The Tele had given them at least two front pages. She said APEC week had been terrible for everyone and her photo was on the hit list.

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