Planning meeting – four wks to go

“OK – here’s the copy of the program? Do you want to change anything?”
“I’ve got a friend who wants to run a workshop on how to make floggers. She was worried about how to book it in, but I said we’ll squeeze you in anywhere.”
“Book it in! We have 70 workshops – it’s finely coordinated!”

“We need a mobile number contact for the ute so they can quickly grab stuff we see off the street.”
“Ask R – that is the name. And that [pointing to R with bright orange hair] is the visual.”
“We’ll put coloured stickers on the stuff we need to return or want to keep.”
“What colour stickers?”
“I can get lots of white vinyl ones from work.”
“Have you got any other colours – white won’t show up on whitegoods.”
“How about beige? I like beige.”
“Yeah, your whole Legal Group can wear beige, you yuppie. Where’s your Blackberry?”
“Haven’t got the latest one yet – it’s coming in next week.”

Building Group: “Nobody’s to breathe the name of our preferred building to anyone.”
“Title searches have been done on three buildings and checked with the council to see if a Development Application (DA) has been lodged.
“If someone wants to evict us, they usually say there’s a DA on the building to force us out due to legal obligations. But if we know there’s no DA, it’s easier to argue and persuade them that no financial damage is being done.”
Dress up Group: “Have lots of clothes and sewing machines. Everyone can take the clothes home on the last day.”
Film Group: Need a projector. K says the Wedding Circle has one.
Food Group: Wants to spend $2000 on food for 200 people for a week. That’s $10/person. “I’m sure we’ll be able to do it for less. We can dumpster dive and we have lots of contacts with the Salvos for extra food. There are several companies we can join up with and bulk buy on their accounts.”
Actions Group: “What we do depends on how arrestable people are and what there is to protest about. We could attack whatever company decides to sponsor Mardi Gras – get some dirt on them. If it’s a beer company – well, I heard they filter the water or something. That could be a hook. If it’s a company like Shell, then it’s easy to find dirt.”
“We need $40 for photocopying expenses for publicity stickers. Fliers will be printed and distributed this week.”
Legal/Security Group: Will hold a meeting on Sat. “We need packs of cards for the security people cos they’ll get bored sitting around.”
Sex Party Group: Nothing done yet.

“If QR makes an overall profit, we should decide now how to spend the money. [One of the previous] QRs held a 10-hour meeting and had a huge bunfight discussing how to spend it and I want to avoid that.”
We decided to document the QR week and spend the rest on indigenous groups and the next QR in Spain.

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