2.5 weeks to go

“After last year’s Reclaim The Streets, a bloke recently got a $800 fine and one-year good behaviour bond. Another only got a $200 fine cos he had a lawyer and two witnesses.”
– “It was my first time in court as a witness and I perjured myself. I’d wanted to get a chance to say they’d said: ‘You f**king faggot’, but I didn’t get the opportunity.”

”We had 10 people over last nite and they stayed til 4am. Then I wrote this chart of things to do. So, apologies, I was really out of it when I started on it.”

“Smokers will have to be considerate. People don’t want their food experience to be polluted.”
– “If you’re addicted, you won’t be able to go outside easily, cos it’ll be like a fortress.”
“Generators stink too. And they make so much noise.”

“We’ve got to organise medical and security cos we don’t have any. There’s a nurse who lives nearby who we can ring.”
“We don’t have anyone with bouncer experience.”
“We need an air horn.”

“If the cops turn up cos of a noise problem, first we should tell the bar to clear out the drinks. Then, turn the music down and get the music stuff out. Then the other valuables.”
“What if a couple of Nazi skinheads come in and start a fight? They could cause a lot of damage.”
“We’d have to call the cops!”
“How embarrassing!”

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