Queer anarchists – convention day 3

“We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional owners of this land where we are holding this gathering…”
– “I don’t believe anyone can own land – I’m an anarchist. We’re all parasites on this planet. Noone is a land owner.”
“Instead of ‘owners’, how about ‘traditional custodians’?”
– “OK.”

Set a meeting time limit of 90 mins and stuck to it.

“Triple J wants to do an interview about the Sex Party. But that’s all – just the Sex Party.”
“We’re not just about sex parties – that’ll give the wrong idea.”
“They want to find out more about that. Maybe come along. They don’t want to cover the other stuff.”

Bite magazine workshop:
How did the Melbourne crowd raise money to publish their independent, queer, sexy 16-page newspaper?
“We held parties and made moonshine – even vodka and cocktails!”
“For the pink party, punters walked through a large vagina.”
“It only costs $1000 to print a 16-page paper. The hardest bit is finding good content – we asked everyone but most can’t write in a journalistic way.”
– “At one party we didn’t know all the DJs. One of them played such bad music when I was peaking that I had to throw him off after 10 minutes!”

Band night: The Nancys were brilliant, screaming something about “lay bys “ and “price checks”. Another band just seemed to scream “Raaah! Raah!”.
Partying went til 5.30am and the neighbours didn’t complain.

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