Queer anarchists – convention day 4

Got to Nunnery at 12 for a meeting scheduled for 11am, but only four people were there.
There was a big notice on the whiteboard that had been written last nite – “K wants to pick up.” “Did she?”
“Yeah, she did.”
Had a discussion about whether to hold the “Mother-of-All Dance Parties” tonite. We had “all of Sydney” on standby to come along, though the word had earlier spread that there had been a major setback cos the squatted venues had fallen through.
2pm: No venue and no energy after partying every nite. Decide to reschedule the Mother-of-All-Dance Parties to Tuesday nite.
Sitting-on-the-blanket chit chat: Had a discussion about whether some of us are “anarchism latte” and others are more hard core.

Games were played – Twister and Trouble – and there was lots of gender-bending fashion happening in the dress-up room.

ARVO: Downpour began. Rain continued for days.
Tents were put up and trenches dug for drainage.
Tap dancing workshop: held by Macquarie K and mathematician N.
Hair straightening workshop: Did three bloke’s hair, though T’s stayed half curly.

In the main tent people were working on the Cunt Quilt and Rubbergrrl created a green ribbon artwork around the tent poles. N poured hot wax over Pt’s chest and pinched his nipples while I held Pt’s arms back so he couldn’t protect himself. There was a make-out tent, with candles, that attracted lots of cuddling action.

About 8pm there was a debate upstairs over the definitions of “feral” and whether “nunnery” was a real word. M said he’s not feral – “The only time I experience nature is when I drive past a median strip.” B went downstairs to get the huge dictionary: Nunnishness – means “nun-like”. Nunnish: Of, pertaining to, or resembling a nun; characteristic of a nun.

-Dinner, vegan thai served at 10.30pm – cooking took ages due to the outside downpour, so huge pots were brought inside and heated up on a small domestic stove.

Cuddling and discussion continued until late…

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