Six days to go

“We would only squat buildings that are abandoned while a company decides when to demolish them. We wouldn’t squat a house my Mum was going to sell with new owners moving in a week later. It’s not worth it.”

“Don’t you resent the fact the government can dictate when and where we can gather?”

“I’ve contacted all the indigenous people I know and they’re not interested in coming. Why apologise [because no queer indigenous people are coming]?”
-“I can’t argue with you about that now – I’m brain-dead from doing 10-hr days. I can argue about it in two weeks’.”

“I’m sick of hydroponic. Wish I could get some North Coast.”

“I went crazy – licking, rimming, fucking everyone I could. I turned yellow. Felt like I was going to die for six weeks. It was Hep A. The good thing is you can’t get it twice.”

”This bloke, he didn’t do any drugs. Then he went wild. Began selling drugs. Gave up his medical degree. Disappeared for a year. Then turned up again as an ASIO informer.”

“I won’t be able to DJ – I’ll be too tired.”
-“You need pills.”
“I can’t if I want to be responsible.”

“I want to get a tattoo – a rose. But I want something a bit unique about it.”
-“Get a dagger through it.”
“Yeah, that’s original. Not!”

”Does anyone know where I can get a clown outfit?”
-“Clown outfits aren’t sexy!”
“Yes they are!! I’m on – check it out, but not at work.”

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