QA – legal-security meeting

Went to R’s place. He cooked a veggie dinner for an ever-increasing number of guests, including his three flatmates – some people didn’t like certain ingredients and he coped with it all, making it look easi peasi.

“I can’t eat a thing cos I’ve been eating all day. My flatmate went dumpster diving and now we’ve got a year’s worth of crumpets!”

“So you’ve brought some passion pop along?”
“Yeah, in my Holden stubby holder.”
“Oooh – culture jamming it!”

We read through a comprehensive outline on “What to do if the cops turn up” and went over the “Letter to Neighbours” again.

“First, close the door, slip a note under it that explains our objectives and tells them we’re only staying there for a week.
“If they try to ram the door down, we’ll say we’ve got someone chained to the back of it.”
-“Could we try to divert them by saying we’re going to blow up the Harbour Bridge?”
“Nah – we’d need to have someone standing at a public phone box for hours so they couldn’t trace the calls.”
“They have enough resources to send the TRG to several places at once.”

“We’re not to spell out that the building’s squatted – we’re still trying to contact the new owner to get permission to hold the conference there.”

“Do we need to warn everyone about how the surrounding streets sometimes have homophobic people hanging around?”
“Yeah – a bloke got killed by gay bashers just a block away.”

R showed us where he had earlier lopped off the tip of his finger.
“You should get it treated quickly cos there’s an angry red line running down your arm – it could be a creeping infection.”
This lead to a discussion about whether or not to stamp everyone’s arms when they arrive at the dance party.
“If we do, we can question them about whether they support our ideals.”
“But if we stamp them and then realise they’re inappropriate later, they could use the stamped arm to try to get back in again.”
“Better not stamp, then.”
“Just check if they’re wearing a watch – if they are, we could ask a few questions.”
[But several of us are wearing watches and others have their mobiles on the table with the time displayed.]
“We could stick a list of our ideals up on the wall.”

A bloke who’s a fireman suggested we should nick fire blankets from institutions.
-“I have a moral problem with that. It endangers lives.”
“We could do it at unis now while the students are on holidays.”

K’s article in the QR conference zine describes the Legal Group [us] as being “the coolest people to hang out with”.
“What??!! That just tells us you were stoned when you wrote it.”

B had brought about 500 euros from the Amsterdam QR and we need it as part of our total budget of about $6000.

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