Gimme some loving

Pub: Sydney Morning Herald
R2 Valentine’s day Reviews
Cotton Ward
From wedding bells to leaving and hating, Cotton Ward follows the journey of the heart.


When preparing for wedding bells, visit WedServ. An interesting feature is the virtual table top where you move your mouse over a placesetting, putting the plates and glassware exactly where you want. You can then print this out for your caterers. Download the free wedding planner software, build your own Web site, get yourself organised with a calendar, track RSVPs, do seating arrangements and keep a list of the gifts you’ve received.

The New Homemaker Family

Getting married is easy; staying married is the hard bit. Here’s a list of 10 ways to keep your marriage together. Great suggestions include kissing your partner whenever you walk out the front door, going on a special weekly date and allowing each other a 30-minute break to unwind after work.

Relationships Australia

It’s not easy to maintain a loving relationship when you’re up to your elbows in dirty nappies. The advisers at Relationships Australia warn that coping with kids is likely to be one of the most difficult times you will have. There’s also a "pre-parenthood relationship check-up service" and a quickie online questionnaire.


The Avenger’s Front Page

This is the direct path to revenge. One popular online prank is to whack a naughty photo and bitchy story about your ex up on the Web. It will practically never be removed due to the international nature of Web site hosting and the cost of taking legal action in every country. Plenty of other vengeful tactics here, too. Just heed the site’s warning: when you go down the road of revenge, remember to take two coffins.

Jerry Springer Show

Hank has 15 personalities and finally convinced his *bleep* wife to move back home with him. But the trouble is that she’s brought her new *bleep* boyfriend with her! And she’s gonna *bleep* dump Hank flat! Yeah, whatever. Before your ex contacts Jerry to appear on his Down Under edition, launch a pre-emptive strike by clicking on the Dear Jerry link and emailing your details.


Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Based on the theory that the best way to avoid an affair is acting before it starts, this site suggests you spice up your sex life, support each other and don’t let problems fester. It even suggests that "if you feel tempted to have an affair, try and figure out why. Discuss it with your spouse". That’s certain to squash those fantasies! Reflect on your commitment to one another and remember why you fell in love. Or join the Cheating Chatters’ forum and get it off your chest.

Philanderers International

The other grass still looking greener? Try the checklist to see if you’re really ready to dive into someone else’s bed. Are you good at sticking to a plan over an extended period of time? Do you think clearly in stressful situations? These are some of the talents you’ll need to master. You can meet prospective partners on an anonymous bulletin board and swap tips on how to make sure your affair lasts.

Tao of Divorce

Your partner has forgotten your birthday, is spending a lot of time at the office and has bookmarked Philanderers International. Hmmm … time to do some snooping around. The Tao of Divorce offers suggestions that range from sensible – checking the numbers on your phonebills – to Machiavellian – consult with the best divorce lawyers in town so they won’t be able to accept your partner’s business due to a conflict of interest.


OK, you or your partner have been caught having a fling on the side. Peggy Vaughan’s husband had numerous affairs. When he finally owned up, she wrote a book, The Monogamy Myth. To recover from an affair, she suggests you answer all questions, build trust through actions and be honest. She also advises, "Most people remain in a state of shock … after learning of a mate’s affair. It’s essential that they wait until their emotions are under better control before deciding the future of the relationship."

Divorce links galore. You can split up and still be friends, according to "How to divorce as friends". One wounded heart cries "My husband left me after 30 years for my sister!" And the divorced woman’s response? "Once she dies, if you are a believer in the Almighty, then she will answer for all of her actions!" That could be a long wait.

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