Pollywaffle to become extinct!

The best chocolate bar ever.
50 grams of scrumpliciousness.

Yum! But no more Pollywaffles. 😦 A favourite Aussie chocolate bar with marshmallow in the centre. They were sold for 62 years here. Nestle is going to stop making them cause Kit Kats are more popular.

This is what happens when a multinational takes over an Aussie company — they don’t bother promoting the Aussie products and then ditch them. Thanks Nestle!

3 thoughts on “Pollywaffle to become extinct!”

  1. Oh no, I’ve just started a blog called Pollywaffle, extinct before I even get started! 🙂 My eldest daughter lives in Perth and sends Cherry Ripes, I’ve been out a few times and used to bring loads back with me (UK), I preferred the double dip ones.


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