Phil Scott: ‘Hello, I’m a deviate.’

From Phil Scott’s column on Same Sex marriage:

“So I have a plan. Before the next ALP conference, let’s each of us get out there and befriend one member of the public who has never met a poof or a dyke. It’s not hard. You just bowl up to some beige little person in the street and say, “Hello, I’m a deviate.”
“Oh really?” they answer. “I’ve never met one of youse before. Youse don’t look much like Carlton Kressley. Why don’t we grab a coffee and talk? I’ve often wondered when someone says, ‘Go fuck yourself’ if that is actually possible…” and so on.
Of course, you have to pick the right person. Lebanese boys in souped-up ’90s cars are out. They might think you’re after sex. Fifty per cent success rate apparently, but only if you get them alone.”

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